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I am going to post some more here, and keep things looser at the same time, I feel like I keep making the same mistake of trying to be "more serious" with my art and other shit, and I get so tense, I lose track of all it.

It's counter productive, it's dumb, and it's happened too many times already.

With everything going on in my life on personal in impersonal levels, I am kinda skeptical about getting a job making art, which for awhile I was getting depressed about. That Dall-E shit really demoralized me for awhile, but anymore I realize it's not a big deal because I am going to make stuff regardless.

Now that all that Sad-Emoji-Soi-Boi BS is outta the way, I think I am just gonna try and be more like myself on here, and give just general updates too. Of which, I have a few, my senior semester is starting soon, so I know I need to focus on my senior film, which I am pretty excited for. I have a largely complete junior film, that needs some polish, and finishing, but could be ready in a month or two. I have also begun to make and paint minis and models, expect some posts on that time to time too.

I dont know what it means to be a creative in this day and age, but I think no one does anymore, or ever did really. Maybe just making my shit, and doing my thing is really the best way to do it?

Anyways, here's a mini, and a sketch I did to see my progress.


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